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The implementation of telecommunication services in the homes of our country is almost full. It is very hard to imagine a home that has no Internet connection. Even in the homes of our elderly it is usual that have connection, recommended by their descendants or relatives, mainly for the use of social networks.

Telemarketers offering is varied and the channeling of optical fiber, for better and faster connection, is being implemented strongly in urban centers. The change of operator or fiber connection involves having to provide technical access to rooms and lockers telecommunications the Owners. This circumstance is not in the mind of the owners who just want to change supply or connection speed and when the technician arrives and requests access to rooms or cabinets keys are not in possession of the owner, OH! and now that ... Usually adequately it solved by a carom of circumstances, but few people expected and are made with the set of keys prior to the visit of his coach today.

Unfortunately in some cases technicians to not waste time and facing no opposition owner / tenant chooses the cabinet or box burst, leaving behind an unpleasant image and repair costs ...
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