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10 tips to prevent home burglaries during the holidays - AF gestifinc - Blog
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Summer is the time of year during which our homes are often left empty and become the target of thieves. Many of our clients are moved to their second home in the countryside or on the beach to enjoy the summer and left empty their apartments. Summer is the season in which a greater number of robberies is recorded and the larger the time we're out of our apartment, the greater the risk that we desvalijen home.

As property administrator want to give you some basic safety tips for your home during your vacation continues to be secure and safe from thieves. 

1. Check doors and windows before going on holiday.

In case of theft at home, the doors and most of all, the windows are the main path of the thieves. To prevent theft at home during the summer it is advisable to check doors and windows to ensure that all closures are correct good. If you live in a ground floor recommended ess leave all the shutters closed, especially those that block the weakest windows.

2. Do not post information about your holiday on social networks.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are a great help for thieves. From there you can figure out where we are, how long and if back soon. If we publish photos or messages in social networks before or during our vacation we will be giving clues about when thieves can break in and steal in our house.

3. Install an alarm system and protection in your home.

A good system of protection for our house during the holidays is the installation of a burglar alarm. As property administrators in Elche, Gran Alacant and Ciudad Quesada we know the market and we can advise you on choosing the best option for your home. Ask us.

4. Ask for help from your neighbors.

It's a shame that with the passage of time gradually have lost the relationship with our neighbors. Build a strong and collaborative community of neighbors can be very beneficial for all, and the case of domestic burglary prevention is no exception. Leave a house key to a trusted neighbor to every 2 or 3 days up the blinds, turn on the lights, draw the curtains and some life to the house is the best way to pretend that the house is inhabited. We can also lend a hand watering plants, feeding the cat or fish and check that all is well. The saying 'today for you tomorrow for me' applies in this case. If you are lucky enough to have a trusted neighbor, talk to him, he does not care insurance lend a hand.

5. Use a timer light.

If you're not lucky enough to have a neighbor in your community owners do it for you, for less than 5 € you can buy a light timer in any supermarket or electronics store. With a timer you can program one lamp to turn on a few hours a day. So it would seem that there is life inside your house but no one is. In addition, you can use it the next time you go on vacation. Do not forget to try a few days before to make sure you set it up right.

6. Automatic Clock radio program to come on alone.

Surely the house has alarm clock radio function. You can use this option to turn on the radio automatically at mid-morning or afternoon. You get get home sound and music but no one is, so it will seem that someone is inhabiting the house in your absence.

7. Leave clothes lying in sight.

Another good trick to fool the thieves to look like they are still living at home and avoid theft in our home is let drying laundry. It is a task that usually do and it shows that soon pick. It tends clothing you no longer use and that nothing happens if it breaks from the sun or rain. A full clothesline gives a sense of domestic work, home inhabited and that scares the thieves.

8. Dogs are the best anti-theft systems.

If you live in a house with a garden you should consider getting a dog to protect her. Often the houses have a guard dog are the only ones spared from the waves of summer burglaries. It will be hard to say goodbye for a few days your dog but your house will be safe from thieves thanks to its defense.

9. Record a message on your answering machine that says you back soon.

Thieves often call the houses before stealing. If no one answers have a clue to know that the house is empty. One trick to avoid this vulnerability is to leave a message on my machine saying that you will return soon. You can also forward calls to your phone so you can always answer the call, even when you're at home.

10. Just in case, purchase an insurance.

If all the precautions you have taken fail it is always a relief to have home insurance to protect you in case of theft at home. In AF gestifinc we are expert in insurance and thanks to our experience as estate managers in Elche, Gran Alacant and Ciudad Quesada we can advise for setting up your sure the best possible way if you ever have to go to him. At the end an annual payment for insurance can be a big savings in your home.

As administrators of estates in Ciudad Quesada, in AF gestifinc we care about your safety and your home. We therefore hope that these simple tips to protect your home more so during your summer vacation.

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