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A few days ago we presented in our blog on The Super Neighbor guide, 10 + 5 usage tips and rules for your neighbors community. We have collected in it a total of 15 easy and useful tips for an easier community life. As property administrators this is an issue that concerns us and we put it easy. Today we present the first one ... Tip # 1 Super Neighbour Manual: Your time is money, do not lose it.  Read more
Since AF gestifinc, property managers in Elche, Gran Alacant and Ciudad Quesada, we want to make it easy and that's why we developed this 'Super Neighbor Manual' called 'Living With Sense and Sensibility' where you data 10 + 5 Tips for use and standards of your neighbors community . Just follow these recommendations and a little affection. In return, we will give the superneighbors suit.  Read more
A few weeks ago in Santander was presented the brand that identifies all collegiate property administrators in this sector in Spain. A new corporate image that will identify all professional associations in the country.  Read more
Summer is the time of year during which our homes are often left empty and become the target of thieves. Many of our clients are moved to their second home in the countryside or on the beach to enjoy the summer and left empty their apartments. As propoerty administrator in Elche, Gran Alacant and Ciudad Quesada want to give you some tips to protect your home this holiday season.  Read more
This morning we read about the problem are suffering two neighboring communities of Arenales del Sol due to dust caused by the development works in a promotion under construction in the nearby. This example is just one more case in the daily life of neighboring communities, who often have to defend their interests against external events and often feel unprotected when going to the authorities. It is in those moments when the figure of property administrator plays a key role in mediating conflict.  Read more
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