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6 Tips to enjoy a swimming pool with children safely - AF gestifinc - Blog
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The arrival of summer marks the beginning of the pool season. The pools are the best trick to beat the heat this time of year as a fun time spent together with the children and step doing some exercise. As farm managers in an area with Elche, Gran Alacant or Ciudad Quesada, places with summer heat and humidity, we manage many neighboring communities with communal pool and one of the issues that concerns us most at this time is safety.

Although we attempt to put all preventive means at our disposal, the estate manager is not every day in the pool making sure that the rules are followed. It is the users themselves who should make good use of it, so we want to give you 6 tips to enjoy a swimming pool with children safely. Read them carefully and try to fulfill them, the safety of your family depends on it.

1. Seize the cold and teach your children to swim in winter.

The first question you should do when a child steps on a pool is, 'know how to swim?'. There is no better protection for a child before a scare in a pool to be self-sufficient and be able to reach on their own at the edge of the pool. It is therefore our responsibility as parents and adults make sure our children learn to swim as soon as possible. An example is this video:


So when the summer ends not let your guard down. If your child still can not swim it is right to start thinking about next summer time. Point it at a swimming school and prepare it for next year.

2. The importance of surveillance in the pool.

Although our children know how to swim, they are still children. They run around all sides of the pool, play or dive headlong. Never let your guard down, because you never know when an accident can occur. Children can never be alone in the pool without adult supervision. Do not delegate the pool attendant your community of neighbors.

3. Floats, sleeves. Neither Happy Together.

The floats and the sleeves are a great invention for the little ones can enjoy the water in the pool of older but not swim. But do not trust and boom are not infallible. Stay vigilant even when children are using these security features. And above all, that children do not use them at a time. You've probably seen this video that became viral. It is a clear example of what can happen if we had a caution.

4. The pool must be a safe environment.

One of the tasks of the managing agent is reviewing the vicinity of the pool asegurándonse the minimum safety measures are met to ensure safe bathing without risk. In the vast majority of neighboring communities that manage and Gran Alacant in Elche and have common areas we find pools. They must have a locked latch and key access, absent of sharp edges or profiles to prevent falls and cuts. Also avoid areas or sheet metal to prevent burns from overheated in the sun.

In any case, it is recommended that not all the work and we delegate responsibility for managing agent and revise from time to time where our children bathe.

5. In the pool: games yes, but safe.

The pool is more than a place with plenty of water, is a playground where you run, you play catch, you jump, you dive ... Do not let your guard and prevents those games cause an accident. Prevents children jump near the edge of the pool or in the corners. Eye with slides and show jumping. Much city with 'ahogadillas'.

6. Education, education and education. Leads by example in the pool.

The best example is that you give your own children. What you do or imitate what they considered permissible. So it is the adult who must mark the red lines to establish what can and what can not be done in a pool. Thereby avoid situations like these:


Here are 6 tips from AF gestifinc we give you this summer to enjoy your pool, whether in your neighborhood community whether at home, in a safe and responsible manner. We are stewards of estates in Elche and we care about your safety. If you are happy, so are we. Happy summer!
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