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We manage thousands of clients’ tranquility.
You certainly know our motto: 'AF gestifinc. Near you'. For us as property administrators in Elche one of the priorities it is to worry about the happiness of our customers and that's only possible to achieve by being close to you. And although we always focus on material things, a neighboring community is composed mainly of people. So although we have not always present, have a good relationship with our neighbors is a key factor in being in a community of owners and prevents many of the problems that can occur.

As the title of this article: 'a good relationship with your neighbors is aspirin in your community of neighbors' because without realizing it will avoid many problems that may arise from miscommunication or misunderstanding. Clashes between neighbors, personal grudges or excessive individualism are a major source of problems in a community of owners and often have to play the rol of property administrator conflict mediator to resolve conflict.

We will talk today about how to be a superneighbour, for that we have our superneighbour manual but just being a good companion building. Why not prevent these uncomfortable situations of conflict we talked about before getting a little on our part? Get along with our neighbors is easy, inexpensive and will make us a little happier. So let's make a list of tips to get a good climate in your community. When you read, ask yourself how many of them practice every day.

Say good morning is a good habit.

Greet, say good morning or good afternoon is polite and a good habit to maintain a close relationship with our neighbors. We may not have anything to talk for the cranky lady 3ºB, but a good morning always fit into any conversation. In addition, say 'good morning' serves to resume contact with a neighbor with whom you have not cross word. Do not be afraid, be gentle.

Offer to help with shopping bags.

A typical stamp on any building site is the person charged with bags and shopping cart fighting with the door keys and elevator juggling act of buying a home. If you find this, you offer your help to your neighbor, and he will thank you know, 'Today for me, tomorrow for you.'

Are you new in the building? Introduce yourself.

It sounds a bit like American film, but it is something that has been lost and we should all do. When you get a new house costs nothing to ring the bell neighbor across the street and introduce yourself. No need to take an apple pie, this is not America, but at least they know who you are, your name and what you do.

Participates in community activities.

If you live in an apartment building with common areas is probably the most active neighbors organize events for carnival, halloween, sopar of cabasset community of neighbors, etc. Do not be shy and be seen, not necessary that notes you everything, but if an activity matches your tastes take the step and participate. You'll see that after the first moment of shame and end up spending estrecharás great relationships with your neighbors.

Attends meetings of the residents.

We are property administrators in Elche, what do you say we let the importance of assisting neighboring communities? But then, besides being important issues that affect you and your house, the residents have a social component often is neglected. No discards attend them by default. If you come either by time, why not asist? Total, for what's on TV ...

These are just some tips as a 'aspirin' can make your life happier in your community neighbors but surely there in your daily many more, so do not miss out and take advantage of them to be a better neighbor. It's advice AF gestifinc, your property administrator in Elche.
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