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Nit de l'Albà. 6 tips for protecting your house from fire. - AF gestifinc - Blog
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Tonight we celebrate the Nit de l'Alba, a fireworks display that involves the whole city where thousands of fireworks are released as an offering to the Virgin of the Assumption. AF gestifinc, as property administrator in Elche, we give you some basic tips to safeguard your home tonight scares and avoiding damage to your home.

The Nit de l'Alba, also called Alborada, starts around 23h once the Misteri d'Elx. From all points of the city and palms so rockets are launched until 24h that is when the whole city goes dark to enjoy the palm of the Virgin, a giant palm tree composed of hundreds of rockets that were launched at 0: 00h from the steeple of the Basilica of Santa Maria and covering the whole sky light of Elche. While it's exciting to tell, it is best seen in the video below and summarized everything in 2 minutes:

All that gunpowder, fire and fervor makes us enjoy the Elche, but also endangers our homes in case of a rocket falling on our homes. So we've compiled a list of tips to protect your home in the Nit de l'Alba and avoid shocks and surprises.
Close all windows and lower the blinds

The night passed Alborada is preferable to cautious. Since we'll be on the street or on the terrace of the building it is better to close all windows and lower the blinds before leaving home. In this way we avoid that a rocket or fireworks at home contraption strain and could cause a fire. Remember that as you said in this article from our blog on 10 tips to prevent home fires, home fires are a major cause of accidents in the home.

Collect awnings, umbrellas and tents to prevent fire.

Awnings or umbrellas are made of fabric or synthetic material, very flammable items in case they receive the impact of a rocket still on. We recommend that you gather throughout the day, even before the start of the Nit de l'Alba to avoid shocks.

Awnings wet with water using a hose.

As much as collect awnings or any other element of shadow that we have at home, they will still be exposed to the impact of a rocket or a sparkler. Therefore it is recommended that monks awnings with a hose, a trick that has been done in Elche forever and that is almost as simple as cash. The water will wet the cloth and prevent burn easily.

Collect the garden hammocks or chairs.

If you have a garden it is advisable to collect all the outdoor furniture you have. Protect rocket hammocks, wooden chairs or wicker putting them inside the house or with a damp cloth. So you will ensure that you are not affected by any clueless rocket. And if you have somewhere dry, branches or similar grass, do not forget to pick or wet them well. We do not want a fire at home and less on the Alborada.

Save plants to prevent burning.

Plants can not protect themselves, so if you do not nobody will. If you have plants on the terrace or flowers on the balcony it would be desirable that put them in the interior of the house for a few hours. Better safe to avoid damage by fire. They have all year to get back outdoors.

If you do all this sure your back, your house will remain the same as you left it. Since AF gestifinc, your managing agent in Elche you wish you happy holidays in August.
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