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We manage thousands of clients’ tranquility.
All professions evolve over time: new technologies, different needs, new risks, increased competition ... and all these changes require any professional to adapt to these new times to ensure good service to their customers and survival of your business . This applies, more if possible, to property management must adapt to new scenarios before us. In AF gestifinc, dedicated to the administration of estates in Elche are convinced that constant renewal and improvement will the future of our profession.

For a first improvement is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the activity we do, what an administrator of estates and buildings dedicated and, why not, it is not dedicated to narrow our scope well to focus efforts.

Functions of a managing agent according to the Condominium Act

The Condominium Act (LPH), whether Article 20 defines the seven basic functions of managing agent:
- To ensure the proper management of the house, its facilities and services, and these effects do advise and admonish the holders.
- Prepare well in advance and submit to the Board the anticipated cost plan, proposing the means to address them.
- Addressing the upkeep and maintenance of the property, arranging repairs and urgent measures to give immediate notice them the President or, where appropriate, to the owners.
- Implement the resolutions adopted regarding works and make payments and make the payments that are unfounded.
- Action, if any, as Secretary of the Board and guard available to holders of the community documentation.
- All other function conferred by the Board.

However, after many years of industry experience as administrators of estates in Elche in AF gestifinc we know that to be managing agent is more than indicating the law itself.

Other tasks of current farm manager.

The functions of administrators of estates, either in the city of Elche, Santa Pola, Guardamar or any part of Spain beyond indicating the LPH. The tasks are extended to other areas. Here are some of them:
- Management of Real Estate Assets: advising property owners when maintaining and improving their heritage. Helping to choose suppliers with better value thanks to its deep industry knowledge.
- Advice on issues of energy savings. A very important task as managing agent in Elche, given the uniqueness of the climate in this area with extremely hot relatively cold and wet winters and summers.
- Management and advisory and insurance policies. Only one professional in constant contact with incidents and problems in the home environment will be able to choose the best insurance at the best conditions. In this the managing agent is definitely a safe bet in which trust.
- Mediator between the Community and owners. Solving conflicots and acting as mediator, conciliator and external element that facilitates the coexistence and good atmosphere inside the homeowners.

These tasks and many more we are dedicated property managers. So if you need a property manager in Elche please trust our professional services for comprehensive, professional, serious and closer to her neighborhood management. In AF gestifinc we will be happy to assist you.

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