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The figure of property administrator as conflict mediator in your neighboring communities - AF gestifinc - Blog
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This morning we read about the problem are suffering two neighboring communities of Arenales del Sol due to dust caused by the development works in a promotion under construction in the nearby. This example is just one more case in the daily life of neighboring communities, who often have to defend their interests against external events and often feel unprotected when going to the authorities. It is in those moments when the figure of property administrator plays a key role in mediating conflict.

In case of conflict any individual has all legal ways open to raise a formal complaint to the administration, but unfortunately the weight of its petition or complaint is always less than that of a community of neighbors. That is why in case of damages on a neighboring community the best solution is to contact the property administrator for this coordinate and direct the necessary steps to put the knowledge of the public administration the issue that your community is suffering and offer solutions to the problem.

Similarly, it is always easier and more effective face public administration with a common requirement, voted upon and consensus among all members of the residents and to avoid problems and discrepancies which subsequently can generate internal problems and divisions within of the community of neighbors.

Hence the advice to our clients AF gestifinc as porperty administrator in Elche, Gran Alacant and Ciudad Quesada is that in case of problems in your neighboring community, you contact us and let us help you find the best solution. Unity is strength, and a group of neighbors together defending the same reivincidación always be more powerful than many complaints handled individually.

Because, as you know, in AF gestifinc we are close to you.
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