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Tip #3 from The Super Neighbor guide: don't touch, why do you touch. - AF gestifinc - Blog
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Can you imagine a World Championship to choose the best neighbor of the World? If so would benefit our customers to be the best because with our Super Neighbor guide, 10 + 5 usage tips and rules for your neighbors community they would have a great help. In AF gestifinc property administrators in Ciudad Quesada, Elche, Gran Alacant and surroundings. And we want you to be the best neighbor in the world, would you join us? Tip # 3 of Supervecino Manual: don't touch, why do you touch?

Do not touch. Why do you touch?

Remember that only professionals are allowed to manipulate the tv or phone antenas. Communicate any incident and the technical service will come flying, but do not let your neighbour without seeing their favorite tv show.

And now a gift... Horizontal Property Law

And even knowing that this can be a bit boring, we offer our customers the Horizontal Property Law for helping them to understand to help them understand the legislation governing coexistence and relations between the co-owners of any community of neighbors. Click on the image below to download it.

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