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Tip #4 from The Super Neighbor guide: never say that you will never drink this water. - AF gestifinc - Blog
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We follow the advice of our Super Neighbor guide, 10 + 5 usage tips and rules for your neighbors community. Today we offer tip # 4: Never Say that you will never drink this water. Because plumbing problems can bring head and sinking morale.

Never say that you will never drink this water.

Avoid that the water comes up to your neck and remember that the worries do not float. Make a proper use of the wc. If you do not throw objects that may provoke cloggings (baby towels, garbage, etc) in general drains, you will contribute that everything flows right. Remember that is advisable to check every two years the facilities of plumbing. And if you make any type of renewal in your bathroom, use proper materials that will avoid breaking, smells or floods. Close the general key from the book-keeper of the water if you leave for a few days for a trip and when you can back let it run for a few minutes. Crystal clear, isn’t it? The water in coastal zones contains a lot of lime. A good cleaning on domestic facilities and sanitaries will last longer.

And now a gift... Horizontal Property Law

And even knowing that this can be a bit boring, we offer our customers the Horizontal Property Law for helping them to understand to help them understand the legislation governing coexistence and relations between the co-owners of any community of neighbors. Click on the image below to download it.

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