We are specialists in managing communities and providing solutions to the problems of the people who trust us, for this reason and since we cannot do everything... we select other specialist professionals with whom we can help you with many other problems with full guarantee. With the advantage of obtaining the best conditions for you.


There are hundreds of insurers but there is only one type of policy that works for your community. We listen, study and advise on the coverage that your community needs or should not have.

We are not going to "place" insurance on you, we are going to study the case of your community and adapt the coverage that should be contracted. This is not about choosing one company or another, this is about insuring the shortcomings of your community, covering the "just in case" and avoiding unbearable spills for not having known how to look at the real coverage of your policy beforehand.


Moving house is like changing life. That is why we have a department specialized in quality real estate management so that they make you feel that spark that connects you with a home until it makes it feel like home.

We manage rentals and purchase-sale of real estate, so you decide if you want that home forever or for a while.

  • Home appraisal.
  • Legal advice.
  • Property maintenance.
  • Attention to the owner and the tenant.

Everything included in the offer that makes you fall in love.


Our goal is to reduce the economic costs of your community's electricity or natural gas bill, seeking your benefit. It does not mean that you pay little, but that you will pay less by using energy efficiently. We are here to offer you the way to save and not worry about the expenses of your community.

  • Contract management.
  • Photovoltaic installation.
  • Charging points for electric vehicles.

Because it is our job to take care of you, your community and that you obtain the maximum possible efficiency in your energy.


We put at your disposal a department of legal services so that you feel that everything has a solution when the clouds appear and it seems that there is nothing to do.
We offer you the option to go to the result. If you don't win, you don't pay.

  • Free delinquency claims for clients.
  • Wills/Inheritances.
  • Complaint of finishes to promoters.
  • International immigration law.
  • Banking Law: Floor Clauses.
  • Revolving cards.

Not only this: Recovery of undue expenses, Traffic accidents and much more with which we can help you.