10 tips to prevent home fires

A few days ago the news of Elche brought us the tragic news  of the death of an 82-year-old lady in the fire of her own home. At AF gestifinc, as property managers in Elche, we have detected that for several years domestic accidents due to small fires and home fires are becoming more frequent. That is why we want to put you on alert to help you prevent them.

Based on our experience of continuous work in the neighborhood communities of Elche and nearby cities, we have compiled a list of tips for preventing fires in the home that, if carried out, will reduce the chances of an incident occurring in your home. House.

Protect your home from fires with these 10 tips

Pay attention to the following tips, they are easy to follow and can save you a good scare:

  1. Do not abuse the thieves or triple in the sockets.  Poor use in the electrical installation is one of the main causes of fires in the home. The overload of plugs with thieves and triples, in addition to the use of non-standard plugs can cause very dangerous sparks and short circuits. Avoid leaving electrical appliances if you are not going to use them for a while and you will also save energy.
  2. Keep dangerous objects out of reach of children.  Many of the objects we have at home can be dangerous in the hands of a child without adult supervision. Matches, lighters… are everyday objects that a child can pick up carelessly to cause a fire inadvertently. Be cautious, watch the little ones and keep these types of objects out of their reach.
  3. be careful with the iron . Extreme caution when you are ironing and be careful not to leave the iron on on the ironing board. Be careful when finishing ironing and do not forget to unplug it from the socket.
  4. attention to cigarettes . Smoking in bed and forgetting to empty ashtrays is one of the main sources of fires in the home. Be very careful if you are a smoker and do not let your guard down.
  5. Get rid of that brazier and modernize.   Charcoal and wood braziers are very dangerous as they can cause small fires that can be fatal at home. In addition, they generate toxic gases that can put us in danger. 
  6. Do not bring fabrics or curtains close to the stoves.  Stoves are safer than braziers, but avoid using them to dry clothes by putting them on top. Also avoid placing stoves too close to furniture or curtains as the heat can cause them to burn.
  7. Many of the fires occur in the kitchen , so it is very important to keep the kitchen clean.  It is advisable to keep the extractor hood clean as grease and dirt can clog the ducts. Do not neglect the pots and pans on the fire. And, under no circumstances, pour water on a burning pan to put it out, you will only be able to fan the flames.
  8. watch out for the gas . All the rooms in your house that have gas, whether it is butane or natural gas, must have ventilation. Pay attention to odors when you go to cook and, when you finish, close the stopcock. Any precaution is little.
  9. Exercise extreme caution with candles, never leave home leaving a candle lit and turn them off if you go to sleep. 
  10. Flammable products, away from the kitchen. Keep them away from heat sources and fires, they could easily explode or burn.

Take care of your home by following these simple tips and protect your home from fires with a little order and discipline. At AF gestifinc, in addition to property managers in Elche, we make sure that everything is in order in your home.

Por Gestifinc // March 22