BEWARE OF THE TIGER!! Recommendations to avoid the tiger mosquito.

The tiger mosquito is a cataloged invasive species, its origin is Asian, it can transmit infectious diseases, although in our country it has not transpired that there have been cases.
It is the female that needs blood protein to fertilize her eggs, which are deposited in small points of stagnant water (she does not require large containers such as pools or lagoons), so that in any private property or communities, she can find the necessary shelter to lay their eggs.
It is possible then that we can have a focus of tiger mosquito in the garden of the house, in the patio, the pot tray, fountains, drinkers, gutters, buckets… 
For all this, the public administrations through the Association of Property Administrators of Alicante recommend us to follow these 6 tips, which from AFgestifinc, your property administrator near you, we transfer to you:
1. Avoiding containers that can accumulate stagnant water  (buckets, drums, ashtrays, caps, pot trays, etc.)
2. Maintaining the proper chlorine level in the pool, raft, ponds all year round.
3. Protecting wells and cisterns with mosquito nets.
4. Monitoring drip irrigation, that can cause a permanent accumulation of water to be maintained.
5. Renew the water in the drinking fountains of our animals , every 2 or 3 days minimum.
6. Pour water in sinks, at least once a week, unless they are constantly dry.
The tiger mosquito SITS and its bite is painful and is capable of going through a thin garment. It does not form clouds since it flies alone.

Por Gestifinc // March 23