The Government wants to change the norms so that the communities can decide if they allow to have tourist flats.

There are numerous incidents and problems generated by the rental of tourist flats in some cities that are tourist destinations. The proliferation of this activity carried out mainly by individuals in buildings that are not designed for the impact that this entails, gives rise to multiple problems of coexistence. This phenomenon affects to a greater extent buildings in the center or on the seafront, but also in individual housing developments, especially in the use of common elements such as swimming pools, sports courts, etc.

The profile of the short-stay tenant means that they intend to squeeze the most out of the dwelling’s occupancy time, which is why, on many occasions, the rules of use and hours in the communities go against their interests. Noises caused by the movement of suitcases at any time and on an almost daily basis are an example of the impact it has on the rest of the community’s inhabitants on a regular basis who continue with their usual work schedules, schedules and routines.

It cannot be ignored that it is also an important engine for reactivating tourism and auxiliary economic activities in many places, as well as a source of income for some properties, which without this activity would be a burden for their owners.

For all this it is necessary to find a point of balance and compatibility between both visions.

Here we leave the published news that states that the current Government intends to regulate. We will continue to be attentive from AF gestifinc as administrators of farms, the development of this initiative: CLICK HERE

Por Gestifinc // March 23