Super Neighbor’s Handbook Tip #3: Don’t knock, why should you knock.

Can you imagine if there was a World Championship to choose the Best Neighbor in the World? If this were the case, our clients would have the advantage to be the best because with the Superneighbor’s Manual, 10 + 5 tips for use and rules for your community of neighbors  we would already have a lot of cattle. In AF gestifinc we are administrators of estates both in Elche and in Gran Alacant, Ciudad Quesada  and surroundings. And we want you to be the best neighbor in the world, do you sign up? Super Neighbor’s Handbook Tip #3: Don’t knock, why do you knock?

Do not touch. Why do you play?

Remember that only professionals can manipulate television and telephone antennas. Communicate any incident and the technical service will fly, but don’t leave your neighbors without watching their favorite series.

And as a gift… The Horizontal Property Law

And although we know that it is a bit boring, we make the Horizontal Property Law available to our clients to help them understand the legislation that regulates the coexistence and relations between the co-owners of any community of neighbors. Click on the following image to download it.
Thanks for following these tips. At AF gestifinc, property manager in Elche, we make it easy for you.

Por Gestifinc // March 23