AF gestifinc, we work for your happy ending

The crisis that began in 2008 has gradually become the traveling companion of the majority of Spanish citizens and neighbors in the last 5 years, which has forced many of them to adapt to it.

The times of crisis force to deprive themselves of luxuries and whims to control family spending without going out of the budget. The goods and services that previously seemed essential become expendable and the family budget is cut to previously unsuspected limits.

The professional team of AFGestifinc Administración de Fincas, in its constant contact with the neighboring communities, ensures that in this crisis scenario one of the most affected items in the neighboring communities is the investment in prevention, maintenance and revisions of the facilities.

AFGestifinc also highlights the current trend of entrusting the administration of estates to people who are not qualified or registered, to the detriment of the professionalism and reliability offered by registered professionals. The objective is clear, to obtain the same services at the cost of less reliability and guarantee. A part of the budget where cheap is expensive.

With the aim of putting the focus on this particular issue and making consumers aware of the importance of entrusting their farms and real estate to qualified professionals, even in times of crisis, the campaign “AFGestifinc, we work for your happy ending” was born.

“AFGestifinc, we work for your happy ending” (#AFGtufinal feliz) is made up of 2 videos: “La Sal” and “La Pimienta”, both in “short” format, where everyday scenes are presented with a happy ending using a humorous and friendly tone. It depends on good management and maintenance of the properties where the action takes place.

With these videos, the AFGestifinc Estate Administration intends to make its clients and friends aware of the importance of professionals in managing their communities, seeing that it brings a smile to all of them to put a little Salt and Pepper in life.

Por Gestifinc // March 22