New challenges of the Property Administration for 2014

The year 2013 has already ended and looking back, it could be said that it has not disappointed anyone. With the year just beginning, all the signs heralded a hard and difficult year, while both gurus and doomsayers announced that if 2012 had been bad, 2013 was not going to be much better . They weren’t too wrong and, although such long-term predictions don’t usually come true, unfortunately this time they did and 2013 has been long, hard and tedious.

In this environment, Property Managers, like so many other professionals from all business sectors, have had to deal with a complex scenario. It has been a year in which to do more for less ,maintaining the level of quality and professionalism in the attention to our clients and communities. And, at the same time, working with the uncertainty of whether this prevailing feeling of pessimism is weighing down new ideas and projects to gradually improve our professional activity.

Key challenges for the Property Manager.

There is no doubt that there are several aspects of our professional activity that for this 2014 are presented as keys to improve our service as Property Managers . Regardless of how the year goes, these are issues that will largely mark the path of a job well done:

Defense of the importance of membership.

There is no doubt that membership protects both the professional and the client against malpractice and labor intrusion. Often, the long tradition of the profession determines the roots and the service of its Professional Associations. Often, the long tradition of the profession determines the roots and the service of its Professional Associations.

In this 2014 let’s work hard to publicize the Importance of having collegiate property managers   among our clients and friends.

Greater proximity to the client.

The client must be our best ally in our daily work and as such we must treat it in our activity. Having satisfied, collaborative and involved clients in the administration of their own community greatly facilitates our work.

We must therefore show ourselves close to our clients and transparent in our efforts, since with this all our activity will be simpler. Improving communication, reporting information on a regular basis, accepting errors and notifying improvements are purposes that we set for ourselves in 2014.

Increased use of online management.

And along the same lines as the previous point, for 2014 we cannot ignore new technologies.  The online world can make our work much easier  and increase the level of satisfaction with our service.

We must not fall into resistance to change, get out of our comfort zone and not be afraid to open our business to new technologies and media. Online communication, remote management and the use of social networks is a reality today and not joining that bandwagon will leave us obsolete in the short-medium term.

For 2014, something more than new resolutions

Any time of the year is good for good resolutions, so we don’t want to miss the current of positivism that always transmits the entry into the new year to write them down. These are, without a doubt, reflections embodied in text with the intention of returning to them in 365 days to check if we have really achieved them 1 year later.

We hope that with it improve the level of satisfaction of our customers and improve the performance of our property management.

Did we miss any good purpose? Have you set other even more ambitious challenges? Tell us.

Por Gestifinc // March 22