Por Gestifinc // March 23  

Every summer the same situation is suffered, it is common in these summer dates that it worsens in coastal areas, such as Arenales del Sol in Elche, Gran Alacant in Santa Pola, Alicante and in general in coastal areas, which have TV signal reception problems endemically.

Right now there are many failures in the reception of TV channels and they are not problems of breakdowns in private or community antennas or any other element of the installation, they are the television signal repeaters that supply the signal to these antennas and equipment .

The usual problem that causes these incidents is an effect called FADING that worsens at dusk and prevents the signal emitted by the repeaters from reaching the private or community antenna with quality.

Also this year 2021, the repeaters are undergoing adaptations and it is posing a problem in the broadcast of the general TV signal.

What causes the fading effect?

The high temperatures of the summer dates cause greater evaporation and condensation of sea water. The evaporated water particles in the air cause the DTT signal to propagate faster over long distances. Therefore, the signal, being affected by changes in the propagation level, varies continuously, causing pixelation of the image or increasing the signal irregularly.

In addition, by increasing the level of propagation of the signal, it reaches further, which causes the signals of the same channel to be received from different repeaters, thus causing a conflict. Once night falls, with the drop in temperatures, we can see how the signal stabilizes in most cases.

At the moment, the experts report that there is no solution to the problem we are experiencing and we must trust that the signal repeaters are adapted and that they can broadcast a quality signal to the communities and private homes that are on the coast, especially in the Levantine area.

watch out! In addition, it is important that you bear in mind that, if you arrive at your second residence after a long stay away and do not receive any TV signal, the first action to check is to retune all the channels on your televisions, consulting the instruction manual of each device, since we remind you that recently all community TV antennas have been adapted to the Second Digital Dividend or in the future they could change the channels of their usual frequencies for other reasons.